Yup that is what I have been doing since I’ve returned from my holidays- my body just felt like it needed a reboot, cleanse, detox or whatever you want to call it!!

I broke it on day Day 6 with a smoothie and some raw soup – and they tasted so good, it’s like my taste buds came alive again.

The cleanse was not bad at all, I took the time to really tune into my body and want it wanted – sleep, rest, walking with my dog, hot steams, lots of spring water, juices and I even did the enema route, and journaled for the emotions that come up too – don’t need to go into too much detail on those two but lets just say there was some crap that needed to come out and it did!!

I even watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead with Joe Cross and also Vegucated  – I wasn’t that bad feeling – I just felt tired, sluggish and like I needed a break from food – ok I did over indulge a little on holidays I will admit!!  There were  educational and I would recommend both!!

I even cleaned out my computer -all old emails, documents etc, my fridge, closet and people.

Not always easy but when you have a goal in mind, or a chance to really take a look at the good, bad and the ugly why hold on to things that aren’t bringing you joy? Why hold onto things that a heavy in energy, or old, or that you don’t like, use or wear any more.  For me that one day just wasn’t happening so I got really honest with myself about alot of things and it’s amazing when you let go of things you don’t like, use or wear any longer – the lightness you feel, the better you feel or look and sometimes other things and people start coming into your life that you didn’t have room for before.

Sometimes it’s incredible when you step back and have an honest look at your life where you are holding on to some things that could be let go of – too much stuff weighs us down.  Too much over eating or eating the wrong stuff too often weighs us down too.

I know it’s still a bit early for spring but where in your life or body could you do a little cleansing…’s not hard really and it feels so good on the other side even if it’s 24 hours or one closet!!

What could you do today??

Lemon-Strawberry-008One of the drinks I had and broke my fast with and it’s so tasty, refreshing and healthy – Strawberry Lemonade

I squeezed about 2 Lemons (depending on how tart you like it) and I like adding in some of the pulp too but it’s up to you

Added in about 6 – 8 Strawberries (depending on the sweetness)

Add in a little water and ice if you want it cold and blend it up

Was a great morning juice after I got in from walking Spirit – but really any time of the day is good!!

Hope you’re having an awesome day and thanks for stopping by