Coming Clean
Love Eating & Coming clean!



The only person I ever need to really be true to is me and I’m coming into a place of truly coming clean.

Now that is not meant to push others out, but I’ve been a people pleaser, rescuer, single mom and well what is it I truly want or need?  That pattern has not been working well for me.

Throughout my life I have dived into many books, workshops, modalities over the years to learn, grow and evolve……..some things worked for me, and some things didn’t. Some only took me so far and the one thing I’ve tried to do in the last few years  is to look at the patterns in my life- to some which I have unconscious incompetence………I’m totally oblivious to it and yet sometimes it can be so clear yet I still don’t want to acknowledge it lol

Sometimes I say WTF and do nothing – I’ll be honest! 🙂

Some things are very clear to me once I truly am open to looking at them or ready to move into a new way of being or living – ok that sometimes has come after being knocked down a few times or kind of banging my head against a wall trying to force something.  Not always easy as in my second marriage I realized I HAD indeed re-maried my first husband so much so they even looked similar – cute not always bright !!



I have been diving into learning and feeling and becoming much more aware of the energetics of things because as we know, or at least should know as it should have been taught in school is that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY – Notes from the Universe remind us!!

That is where I am trying to start from by asking myself ‘If everything is energy and energy is vibration – what am I vibrating – fear or love? Empowered or Disempowered etc

Is who I am being in alignment with what I desire and how I want to live?


A BIG fat Hell NO!! lol

Please don’t get me wrong – I have a pretty good life, many things are pretty cool – yet there’s a couple of areas that I truly felt I wasn’t creatively expressing who I truly am. As an example  chasing or doing things to earn an income but were maybe out of alignment with who I truly am – not that they are bad things but not in alignment wit me.  I have been digging into this for awhile and asking questions about what separates people out who live a truly fulfilling life compared to someone who is living a life of mediocrity and more importantly that they (or I for instance  in areas of my life) want to change it and yet keep running up against blocks……that unconscious part.

Some call it the Shadow side.

Some call it the woundedness of childhood.
Take the path right for you!!


Where was I going against the grain in my life? What path do I want to go down?  We have been conditioned, or at least I have been that I was suppose to get any job, work hard, keep my head down and get used to it as that is the way it is………until I started asking ‘who said that?’ ‘Why?’ ‘Why would we come down to earth and do things that we don’t enjoy?’ WTH?? Seriously?

This starting making no sense to me!!

I’ve been reading, learning, seeing many people create income, lives, relationships and ways of being attuned to who they really are, being and loving to do.

If Everything is Energy, and Einstein proved that, then we as the observer or better yet the creator do have a huge say in how our lives are lived – in other words we have choice each moment – in what we think, say, feel or do.

But we’ve been dumbed and numbed down – news, mindless tv, processed crap food, emf’s, consumerism  (i.e. Black Friday)  and technology to truly take us away from feeling and being present in many cases.
Healthy Eating!! Lots of fresh foods!



Realizing this has given me much power in setting stronger intentions and really really getting in touch with who I am and how I desire to live my life.

I’m coming clean in my life in many areas (which I will go into more soon). 🙂

One of the modalities  has been  helping me huge with much clarity.  I can see better in areas why I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing, how I process information, what feels right for me and what doesn’t and honouring that truth – in other words getting out of my head and more into my heart, body and knowingness that I have.

It has helped me in such big ways I have jumped in to study it and will need people who would like to have a mini session coming up.  If you are looking for clarity, an out of the box thinker, love learning and growing and want to know you better shoot me an email.

I truly believe that when we start living our lives from our true authenticity then we are able to truly creatively express who we really are and the world needs more authentic, loving, real people!!

It’s about being in the flow – the flow of living life…
BE in the Flow


Hope this has stirred something inside of you!!

Create a magical day!



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