Soul Food

Soul Food

By just saying that you’re probably thinking some good Southern cooking – Collard Greens, BBQ’d foods and more but that is not what I am talking about!!

Believe it or not it’s not about food we eat this time.

It’s about knowing who you are, what you like and feeding your soul that kind of food.  It needs to be nourished too.

When you shut down who you really are

It shuts down your Life Force.

Soul Food

Now, I believe we need to feed our bodies as healthy as we can, but what about our souls…..that whisper, that yearning, tugging or quiet voice and we reply with a yeah but, maybe one day, oh I couldn’t never do that, oh I could never make money doing that, oh one day, when I retire blah blah blah

Do you feed your Soul?  If so how?

Me – I love creating in the kitchen, walking in the rainforest, spending time on the beach, having a massage, doing my photography, and now I’ve found another piece that really feeds my soul.

What about you??

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  1. Tony Lee
    Tony Lee says:

    Well, I have to agree with all the statements that you say from within this post for sure. I really enjoyed looking at the photo as well, it looks so great such a pretty sunset. It reminds me of when I go on vacation and try to escape all of the stress in my life.

  2. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    Jodi -Ii read your e-book and loved it. Your new journey is just that, your journey and as you take it, please know that you have my support, blessings and I love that you are blessed to have found your path. Hugs


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