Crashing on the Weekend

Why is it that we can be so good during the week and crash on the weekends?

Do we hold it all in and then expel on the weekend, letting go of anything and everything

Even when it comes to eating healthier.

Crashing on the Weekend

Have we ever put the corrulation together of what we do and are doing each moment, each day to how we eat or relate to ourselves

By that I mean how many of us are really doing the things that we love, that our spirit whispers to us that are us down at soul level compared to what we think we should be doing,  have to do or need to do.

Where does our soul fit in along the way?

It’s like we almost live 2 lives, one of holding on and one of letting go, chilaxing, quiet desperation. Then Monday comes again and we hold on, hold it in.  We can restrict ourselves for the week, in many different ways but with food inparticular –  no I can’t have that I’m on a diet or that is the wrong food group or I have to exercise 4 times this week as I ate way too much on the weekends, and then really let go and do / have whatever on the weekend.  It sounds like restriction, demands, self criticism and never a feeling of being good enough.

We live in a world that we are constantly innedated with advertising telling us we aren’t good enough!!

What if we just let go and breathed.

Gotta pay the bills, dam I put on 5 lbs, my job needs me, my thighs are too fat, I’m not driving a nice enough car –  blah blah blah,

I have asked or said to myself many times, we weren’t put on this planet to work 40 plus hours a week or work 40 plus hours a week at a job that doesn’t fulfil or isn’t in line with me, saps my energy or for a pay check

Yet I also know that some situations call for that as life and basic survival are way out of whack now.

Can you imagine if we were able to do what we love to do, or were good at or came easily to us how life could be different for each one of us and then how we presented ourselves to the world, to ourselves and each other……it would be much more in harmony.

Possibly the need to push the pain down with food would ease or stop all together  – the need to numb ourselves on the weekend would stop, weekend what weekend? Life would just be lived each day all day, being present in the moment in the body…… that the diet roller coast would stop, the self judgment, the stress, the denial, the pain…….we would be who we are meant to be right down at soul level.

What are you denying yourself?

What is whispering to you that you say one day, maybe but not now, or I can’t do / be / have that??

Who are you and what things do you love to have and do?

What is stopping you?

Come on now, really no excuses, no victims – what is stopping you?

Can you look in the mirror no matter what is going on in your life, how much you weigh, what you’re doing, where you are living, what you do for an income and say ‘hey you, I love you and you are enough?

Maybe today is the day!!

Make this weekend, the long weekend a great one and spend some time with you and loving you!!


Amazing Photo by Stephanie Smith

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  1. Oh my gosh Jodi, you are SO inspirational! I love this! I’ve bookmarked and shared because it’s true – I mean really… what IS stopping us??

  2. I always crash on weekends! This is so true! I’m so glad I came across this post. At this moment, I probably cannot look into the mirror and tell myself I am good enough. But I hope to be able to do just that someday <3 Thank you for such a positive and uplifting post! I look forward to more like this!

  3. This article really gives us all somethings to think about. These are all great questions to ask ourselves! This post is quite motivating and uplifting. I will try to ask myself these questions at least once a week so that I can live more freely :). I think this is something we should all do. Nice article! Thanks Jodi!

  4. Hi Jodi and everyone! I am quite new to this blog but it is very inspirational. I like what I see! Nice site design, great posts, and Jodi, you have a very inspiring and amazing personality which shows in your posts! I’ll be back often! – Precious Caprice x0x0

  5. I believe in this heavily, because getting a chance to crash on the weekends is totally worth it. I think that during the week day we have so much stress and things going on that , we need sometime to have a break. Getting a break from hard work is always worth it to me!

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