Creamy Tomato Basil Sauce

You can watch the short video on creating a quick, easy,healthy, nutritious and oh yes tasty meal or just get the recipe from below.

Enjoy and please share it with someone or leave a comment  if you like it!!!!


–  1/2 cup Cashews

–  4 Roma Tomatoes chopped into big chunks

–  1 Red Pepper cut into big chunks

–  1/2 cup Basil

–  1/2 cup water

–  4 cloves Garlic cut up into big pieces

–  2 tbsp cold pressed Olive Oil ( optional – I didn’t add this in i the video but i did after and I thought it gave a taste, without it it tastes more fresh if that makes sense)

–  pinch Sea Salt

Through everything into the Vitamix, blender or processor and blend until smooth, adjust amounts for taste.  Good on Zucchini pasta or any other type of pasta.

One Response

  1. Jodi

    This is so much easier for some of us non-cooks to visually identified with the process of cooking.

    THANK YOU and I can’t wait for you to do more videos.