Have you ever thought to yourself I can create a new story??
How often do you hear yourself saying…..

‘I can’t do that’ (fill in that with whatever it is)
‘That’s too hard’
‘Even if I look at_______ I gain 5 pounds.’
‘I wouldn’t know what to say.’
‘It’s in my genes (or nature).’
‘I don’t know many people.’
‘I could never do that or do what you do.’
‘You have to have money to make money.’
‘I can never get ahead.’
‘Oh I’m too old…….

and so on, you probably get the idea.
I held on to quite a few limiting beliefs for a long time, they were my story, I was used to being a victim.

Then someone asked me one day, one of my mentors…….’How is that serving you?’
Of course I snapped back……’Well it’s not!!’
‘Well it must be as you keep repeating the same things. The things that keep you stuck, doing, thinking and being the same thing yet you want change?’

That got me…..and as much as I hated to admit it…..I was creating all the crap in my life.
I started telling a different story, a more empowering one,  and the more I told it the easier it got and the more things started shifting in my life.

I stopped focusing on what is and started focusing on the direction I wanted and was going in and didn’t let the past hold me back any longer.

I told a different story of how I wanted things to be and I gave up being the victim.

What about you, where could you start telling a different story in life today??

Feel free to share your thoughts on that below

Expect the best!!!

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