Creating Your Reality

Creating your reality

So it’s been a couple of weeks since posting but boy have I been busy!!

Not necessarily living life on my terms yet I did create it as I asked for it and got it – funny how that happens eh??

We are strong creators – we create everything, every moment in our lives – everything is energy!!!

Like it or not – believe it or not!!

I got to work in the film industry and boy did I see a lot, learn a lot, work a lot and met some amazing people – yes on the screen but especially behind the screen!!

I had no idea what went into making a pilot or series and they only shot one episode so far!!! Lol

I also learned how they do shoot some scenes and how the make things and create the illusion of things being real.

What you look at is what you see, but how are you looking at it? Example – if you look in the mirror and you are frowning do you try and change the mirror or do you try and smile to change the image……life is the same thing, it only reflects back to us what we are thinking, feeling and believing.

Life is like living an illusion  – what you put out comes back……….

We have the power to change that at any time if you aren’t liking what you are seeing, feeling or living.

Thoughts and feelings ARE Powerful.

Get clear on what you do want in your life and You can create it – believe that is possible!!

Make it a great day!!


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