Again, it’s been awhile and did I hit a creative block!!

My creativity has felt like it didn’t just go into hiding, it actually packed it’s bags and left!

I got busy working too much with this frequency device as I got such great results from it to help heal my gut.  I couldn’t figure out what I could eat most of the time without experiencing gas, bloating, pain etc – I was raw / vegan for 7 years and did some major gut damage I have come to learn.  Super excited as all of that (IBS too), went down to about 98% healed. So yes, I was excited and got busy helping others. Then, on top of already being busy, a last minute, sudden move, lets just say, things got a little buggy and being here in Mexico, that was not a good thing.

Way too busy, I got out of balance.

I had to slow down.  My body, mind and soul do not like to be busy. I have been a very busy person in my life. Being busy keeps us from ourselves.  I can’t and quite frankly, don’t want to live like that again.

I love sitting outside and just being or take a siesta in the hammock or take a hike in the woods (beach if I could) with my dogs, love doing art and I love spending time on my own.

I love unplugging for awhile and feel it recharges me greatly, much needed self nurturing.

During that time, my creativity was gone.  Didn’t pick up my camera at all or anything else related to art.

Didn’t have time, then the energy.

It took a little coaxing for my creativity to come back and I truly realized how much I love having art, photography, beauty and nature in my reality!

No more getting out of balance for me.

Something I have started asking myself as often as possible is – If everything was ok right now, what would I choose?

Keeping ourselves over stimulated – being busy or plugged in all the time are great distractors.

What IF everything was ok,

What would YOU choose?





PS – I’ve started on 2 projects that came into my awareness when I slowed way down and they got me excited, so I’m choosing to move in that direction and I will be sharing one of them very soon!!



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  1. Boy, your blog truly resonates with me!
    I spent most of today doing art even tho I Have a million other have-tos! Feels so good!

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