Dandelion Green Smoothie

I decided to branch out and try one of my early morning Green Smoothies with Deandelion Greens since this is the time to do it. It’s Springtime, almost summer and Dandelions are in season.  Now, I don’t know if I would go picking the ones in your yard unless you know they haven’t been sprayed at all, but you will find them at the Farmers Market and in the Grocery stores.

I put the whole bunch in the blender, just cut the bottoms, so I was using the green leaves.

–  addapprox 1 in piece of giner, peeled and cut up

–  squeezed one lemon in

–  1-2 bananas

–  add some water, depending on the tickness you would like, if you like it thinner add more water, I sometimes throw in an ice cube or two to make it a little colder

Enjoy, you will find this Green Smoothie quite cleansing.  Dandelion Greens have alot of nutrients, are cleansing, good for digestion,  constipation and weight loss.

It’s good to mix up your greens and with these being in season, give it a try!!


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