Dear you,

if you don’t like
the way that you
look it’s probably
because you have
chosen the wrong
mirror to look at
yourself in

stop using other people as a mirror
to see your reflection in

– especially if that other person is unkind

unkind people make the worst mirrors
they only want to reflect back your blemishes

your weaknesses
your fault lines
your sins

don’t blame them for making you feel bad
you are the one looking for them
to tell you how you look

of course, they will tell you that you’re ugly
that you aren’t enough

they are unkind – what did you expect?

while we are at it…
you should also
stop using your
bank account as a mirror

it’s a liar
it doesn’t show
you who you really are

neither does your car
or your grades
or your awards
or your Instagram
or your past mistakes
or your diagnosis
or your late bills
or your failures

none of those things make very good mirrors

If you want to know how you actually look I suggest you hold a baby for a bit.

Pay attention to how a baby will look at you. To a baby you are a garden of a million glowing pastel moon flowers. You are a wonder. You are exotic.

To a baby, you are a giant. You are an ancient warrior protecting them from monsters & uncomfortable rashes. You fill up their sky like a brilliant supernova. You are the sky & sea.

To a baby laying in your arms, you are both the cradle & the lullaby. A baby will gaze at you with wide eyes & an uncontrollable smile because they have just come from heaven & they know divinely crafted beauty when they see it.

They see the miracle in you.

Babies make the best mirrors. Look at your reflection the EXACT way a baby looks at you.

For too long you have let dirty & broken shards of glass tell you who you are.

Those reflections are corrupt – stop trusting them.

Let the innocent show you who you are. They see your light. They see you for who you are:


in the time you have left
during this,
your last summer on Earth,

be kind to yourself
& choose what reflections
you believe with the
utmost of care.

See you in September,
you’re going to make it
to see the frost kiss all
of the leaves yellow

I swear it

John Roedel on IG

Have a fantastic weekend!!