Thought I would share 2 more images from the bird and poles.

I cam across the other ICM after that post and loved how the poles turned out.

A Different Perspective with ICM

I’ve jumped back into learning composite Photography and there are moments when I wonder why lol it’s alot to learn yet at the same time, there is excitement as I am learning something I’ve wanted to for awhile but was too intimidated to do it, soon the images in my head will match the end result – or at least I hope so. 🙂

I am really leaning more and more into doing what brings me joy these days as those energies, along with gratitude, excitement and curiosity are great ingredients for a healthy, happy life. We can pop all the supplements, eat all the ‘right’ foods (omg, that is a big conversation now )but energy is first and foremost – as energy cannot be destroyed nor created – it can only change forms – game changer when one truly INnerstands this!!

Do what is right for you – no matter who or what the ‘experts’ says – its your body, your mind and your life – this is how we become sovereign. It’s ok to learn and expand to widen our perspectives, to let go of past hurts and forgive, that is needed for sure, but check in with yourself first, muscle testing is great for this as something may not fully align with you, no matter how good it sounds – take what is best for you and leave the rest 🙂

Adding Imagination!!

No one should know yourself and your body better than you, there may be info you gain and learn and didn’t know about, but I don’t care what credentials they have………:) you have the power within!

There is NO one way for everyone – in all areas – don’t be herded into the collective hive – be you, embrace the uniqueness you were born with, that is trying to be surpressed!

Have a great day and see beyond the every day norm!!



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