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Famous saying goes: “We are what we eat”, or really what we can assimilate. The more you eat sugar, hydrogenated oils and processed foods as an example, the unhealthier your body becomes.   Even though you might not sense the negative changes immediately, you can be sure that your body will charge you later on for being neglectful.  Basically, key is with starting new, healthier ways of eating (not dieting) is to try to add more greens as much as possible.

Sometimes also changing little things that we eat daily or often can make a huge difference – ie if you drink diet pop, switch to just plain pop as the sweetener is sugar (most times) and not an artificial one, then maybe go to juice instead as it has less chemicals, then maybe add in more water (after all we are more than 70% water).  Instead of getting fires as a side order a salad – these seemingly little things can make a huge difference in your health and your weight.

Green vegetables and leafy greens are healthy but have you ever considered more Greens? Greens like in Kamut, Barley, Wheat Grass, Spirulina and Chlorella.  They are loaded with Chlorophyll and Enzymes which is what our modern day diets are void of mostly!!

Chlorophyll is actually a green pigment found in plants, which serves its purpose of turning the solar energy into useful nutrients which plants use for food. Those nutrients created by using the energy of sun are actually as useful for us, as well as for plants. Although humans can’t use photosynthesis to create food, as plants do, eating plants rich in chlorophyll can help us heal our body and enhance our health. The greener they are, the more chlorophyll it has contained, which is great – it’s more alive – just like you and the more alive foods you eat the more alive you will feel and become!!

Foods with high concentration of chlorophyll are dark green. Green foods are rich in minerals, calcium, magnesium, vitamins and many other things that the body needs for optimum health.

In our modern day society supplements are often pushed on us instead of real foods, superfoods or herbs that have been around for centuries.  The body knows how to digest and utilize these foods easily and properly.

The body can heal itself when given the right environment.

There is so much I could write here about Green foods and Superfoods but instead why not share the passion and knowledge of a great leader who has done much research and worked with 1000’s of people to show that using these foods does work from the results people are getting.

image green foods bookDavid Sandoval – Author of the Green Foods Bible – which I am going to give away a Free book to someone on Sunday July 6th!!!.  In order to be eligible please leave a comment on this post and feel free to share this!!  This is not a fad – it’s a movement and a lifestyle!!
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Here is a short vid with David – owner and founder of Purium talking about the importance of eating real foods!

Hidden Benefits of Food

If you would like more information on Purium, their products, vision and mission please check out my Purium page.

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14 Responses

  1. Eating healthy is super important for your body, I agree with this article 100%

    Great tips!

  2. Eating tons of greens is good for your health everyday and can help you get more energy and stay healthy.

  3. Sounds really nice that you are giving out a free book!

    I wonder who will win!

  4. I think it’s great that you are offering this book for free and I hope I will win it ;)! I’ve heard good things about David Sandoval and would like to read his book. I totally agree “We are what we eat!”. If we eat junk food mostly then out body basically turns into junk and won’t work properly!

  5. I love gluten free foods and am always on the lookout for new ones. I did this drastic change about 4 years ago because I was getting fat and had problems breathing. Now, I eat a lot less sugar, salt, junk food and try to have a lot of veggies and fried foods on the menu. I am very happy I started paying more attention to what I eat!

  6. Eating healthy is important but I strongly believe that drinking at least 8 glasses of water will lead to a better health! I started drinking about 10 glasses of water daily since 2010 and I am feeling great! I wake up and drink 1 glass before I do anything else and always have a bottle of water near my work desk.

  7. I eat normally meaning some good food and some bad food, but I think I eliminate a lot of toxins because of the amount of water I drink. I drink almost 1,5 liters of water plus one cup of green tea daily. I love eating a lot of green foods like: peas, baby spinach, kale, etc.

  8. I hate all diets! I tried many of them (whether it’s a vegan diet or the Atkins diet) in the last years and I haven’t found at least one that was good overall! Most will hurt your health because they are based on making you lose fat really fast. Some seem good in the beginning but once you stop doing them, you will get even fatter than before.

  9. I think I eat Barley almost every week and I try to eat wheat grass as often as I can. I know all greens are great and I love eating raw foods whenever possible. I wasn’t aware that dark green veggies are filled with chlorophyll. I hate supplements and if it would be up to me I would ban them and help people understand how great veggies and fruits are!

  10. “The body can heal itself when given the right environment.” I couldn’t agree more! Our bodies already know how to get the good stuff out of green foods, so why not eat more of them? I never heard of David Sandoval before, but now that you’ve told me about him I really want that book!

  11. I’m currently compiling a list of raw food recipes so that I have a couple of them because I want to go on a sort of a raw diet pretty soon! I’ve got your “Amazing & Tasty Raw Recipes” and it was a great read, Jodi! It would be great to get the “Green Foods Bible” for free!

  12. David seems to know a lot of things about healthy eating so I’m pretty excited at the prospect of winning a free book wrote by him! I try to eat as many greens as possible and I tend to eat a lot of fruits (like 6-7 daily) like: bananas, kiwi, apples, melon, oranges, etc. I love fruits and almost always eat a fruit salad in the morning. I just feel it makes my internal engine run smoother!

  13. Heard about Purium from a friend but didn’t know David was behind it (actually I didn’t know much about David) but I am glad you spoke about him. I’m now searching for some videos with him and things look pretty exciting. He seems to know what he is talking about and I’m tempted of following his advice. I always wanted to find a “food mentor” that would help me change my eating habits!

  14. Thank you all for commenting and reading!!

    The winner is Damika – if you can send me an email

    I can send you the book and let me know if you would like a real version or a kindle version!!