Eating Healthy on a Budget

Depending on where you live and the time of year, it may be easier said than done!!

The one thing I have noticed for myself is that it doesn’t have to be more expensive.  Personally I don’t eat meat of any kind, so that cost is eliminated for me, now my family does so I do have to take that into consideration.  Where I live, I don’t have a variety of places to shop so I am limited unless I go into the ‘big’ city, so I have had to get creative at times.

What I do have available is local farmers, and since I live in BC we or they can grow things most of the year.  It is rotational and that is good to mix things up.  We also have a health food coop here where we can buy healthy, organic produce and more in small amounts or in bulk.  Could there be one in your area or could you start one as I would be confident to say, you  probably aren’t the only one looking for healthy or organic options for a good price where you live!!

Buying in bulk is usually a good idea, but make sure you do know your prices as it may not always be.

Buy in bulk with other people or families, this sometimes can make a huge difference in savings.

Depending on where you live, organic may not always be an options price wise……do the best you can.

What could you eliminate to be able to add more healthy food into your lifestyle and I mean that seriously……… much cable are you using or need…….all the extra packages or could you reduce in down some and put the savings towards being able to choose healthier foods?  I say that as for me that is always a first choice, I believe that my health is a priority and some things I can let go of.

You will also notice that when you are eating healthy and raw or mostly raw, that you will start eating different or even less as you are feeding your body nutritionally so it will actually not be as hungry as often, unless……..they is emotional eating going on.

Sometimes in the winter months buying frozen foods are ok, if they are flash frozen.  Remember that so much fresh  produce is now available to us throughout the year, but when was it picked, how long did it travel for or sit in bins?  Most fresh food this time of year when not as much is available to us locally is picked before it’s really ripen, then sits for awhile, and once picked it starts to lose it’s nutritional value, yet if it was picked before it was really ripe, well, there could be very little value left.

Eat what is in season, no matter how little that is, as nature planned it that way.

Sometimes mail order for some things like nuts, seeds etc are priced way better even with shipping included, so don’t be afraid to check some out and even bulk buy with some friends to further reduce the cost.

Some supplementation in the winter months may be of help.

Do the best you can and if things are tight, don’t beat yourself up or feel guilty about eating something that is not ‘raw’ or as healthy as it should be. I do believe that does harm as well.

Have a beautiful, healthy day!!!

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