Be the Master of Your Emotions


You must be the master of your Emotions if you wish to live in peace, for he who can control himself becomes free.

– Sean Brown

The body is the processor of Emotions.

  –  Dr Joe Dispenza


E-motion is energy in motion if it’s not that is when dis-ease sets in!

We are more than 70% water – water is programmable, water has memory.

Every breath you take, every thought you think, every emotion you feel or not has a Vibration, a Frequency and because we are more than 70% water the body hears it all – it gets ‘programmed’.

Time goes by yet nothing changes – different faces, different places yet the same patterns – the same energies.

Feelings of not good enough, arrogance, self loathing, doubt, fear etc are Ego based

Feelings of worthiness, self love, confidence, knowingness etc are Soul based

Soul based thoughts, feelings and therefore actions are your direct connection to Source (God, Creator, Field – you choose) – it eliminates the need for judgement, separation and polarity as all the Soul and Source know is Love.

It starts with healthy Self Love which heals the pattern of self betrayal.



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