I am not sure if it’s the Saggittarian in me or the way I am wired, but I have a thirst for certain knowledge, a knowingness about certain things and a deep desire to learn and grow more.  When I’m not learning, growing, expanding & creating ( and yes that can even be as easy as creating a great tasting dish in the kitchen! :))  I become very shut down and I’ve even gotten somewhat sick in the past.

Energy of creation is big.  I’ve been learning about energy for a little while and you would think that since everything is energy we could understand it pretty easily, but we really aren’t taught much about how things really work or so I wasn’t anyways growing up!

I want to share some of that on my journey.  In simple terms – If everything is energy Nothing is stagnate, things are always changing and morphing yet us humans many times don’t like change.  We may go into contracts and commitments that bind us – many times for a long time and when one party wants a change or they’ve grown past that type of way of being say,  they are made wrong, ridiculed or even sued.

I’ve been criticized many times in my life for not settling down, or to have a good steady job, or to find a place to live – forever (I’ve lived all across Canada), do one thing and only one thing and keep doing it (no matter what)- I tried that for awhile, my life force, my spark, my soul started dying – quite literally.  It just doesn’t work for some of us – heck many of us, yet we try and or resist it.

Learn to do and create from a place of joy.  I know we all have responsibilities and obligations sometimes that we ‘have’ to do but not always.  What if we started asking ourselves better questions to create our moments, hours, days and weeks?  Have you ever woken up and thought ‘ hell where did the last year (or 10) go, nothing has changed except I am older!’

I was programmed to work hard, work lots, it didn’t matter if you liked what you were doing or not as most people don’t and you’re no different type of thinking.  I remember when I was 6 months pregnant going into my Dr’s appointment and saying how tired I was and she looked at me and said ‘Jodi, you’re 6 months pregnant and working 2 jobs, maybe it’s time you stopped one of them??’, the sad part of that is I had never even thought of it as that is how deep I was programmed.

Where are you programmed and with what?  What story did someone tell you that you bought into, but it’s really not you?  Do your beliefs and values align with who you truly are?

Ask yourself what brings you joy and how much more could you allow in starting today.  I now choose to do things that I love and want to do for the most part, and my life keeps getting better,  in oh so many ways – it’s what my intentions are and now – I choose to work fun, easy, healthy and abundantly, actually I try not to use the word work – how do I choose to show up in life and play is what I prefer to say!!

Become a conscious co-creator – after all it IS YOUR Life!!

Have an amazing day!!


And I thank you for sharing or commenting!!


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