Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling like it’s ‘Ground Hog Day’? You know, that movie with Bill Murray!!
Like it’s the same day, all over again!!
Like….’what the hell is it all about anyways?’ as you lie in bed waking up.

I got an email update from a site I belong to titled ‘Feeling Stuck??’……..coincidence???
This related to business though.

I watched the short video, it says to reve things up when you’re feeling stuck………whatever.
I could tap on it, but don’t.

I start surfing the net, and find things to look at and read, the I realized, I really just needed to change my state, cause now I felt inspired and motivated and like it wasn’t ground hog day any more!!

It’s about changing your state, do something for yourself that makes you feel good.
Here’s a little video that just might break a smile. Just ignore the Becal commercial at the end!!

Now do you feel stuck??!!