Firma Energy Wear
Me in my Firma Wear being silly 🙂


Sometimes things come along and you just have to share them!  When a dear friend told me about Firma Energy Wear – I was like sure, whatever.  Crushed crystals in the fabric – hmmmm

Now I admit I’m a little out there more so than most people, people have always thought I was into the hippy dippy things or a little woo woo – but mostly I have been ahead of the curve many times, and probably a witch in many life times past 🙂

Crystals in clothing, interesting – even if I was a tad skeptical I had to check it out.
Red Rock – a beautiful place to do Yoga


So that is what I did.  A friend and I headed out to their little store / warehouse in the suburbs of Vancouver this past July, as I have to see and touch things and for this I wanted to try them on.  I have to admit, I wasn’t overly excited at the selection from the internet so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

When I got there and tired on the capris, I left them on for a good 10 – 15 mins and I couldn’t believe how good they felt on my body.  My body was literally saying ahhhh.  I never really fully experienced that before.

So I jumped in and bought some items to wear.
Oh my – didn’t realize we dressed the same!!

I’ve travelled in them, slept in them, have done yoga in them, and just wore them during the day as they feel good on.

Early September I was in bed one night and was looking at my legs, – don’t ask…….and since I was pregnant with my first child – he just turned 22 years old, so over 22 years ago, I developed a varicose vein from being on my feet too much.  It is o the inside of left thigh and over time has grown and even bulged a bit.  It’s never hurt or bother me, just looks kind of ugly.

Well, if I hadn’t known my legs I wouldn’t have believed it, it is way down in size, length and doesn’t bulge any longer.  I jumped up out of bed and had to double check with all the lights on.  I even notice the cellulite in my thighs was down……… this stuff really works I was thinking!!

This was about 6 weeks after buying the clothing.

Clothing with a purpose – I love it!

I get it looks like exercise wear, and it’s great for that, but it really is every day wear or night time wear.
Love our Healthy Lifestyle


Just a quick synoposis is that the crushed crystals are infused in the fabric which is made in France, then manufactured in Brazil into

garments – it’s a closed knit fabric, so the crushed crystals never wash out – hand wash of course.  (Quick and easy).  The crushed crystals absorb the body heat and reflect it back as far infrared technology therefore improving microcirculation, reduces aches and pains, cellulite, reduces muscle fatigue just to name a few things!
Had to do the stairs – what an experience!

I know of several people who have experienced pain in their bodies and it has helped greatly.

I have just recently been introduced to something else that one wears that is getting huge testimonies.

What I love about the alternative health area si using products like this that help, support, nurture the body and don’t harm it.

I feel over the next few years we are going to see more and more come out that really have some great benefits for the body and possibly the mind – that do truly work.

For more information check out the page on my blog here.

Contact me for any information or to place an order and save 10%.

Have a great day and find ways to nurture your body!!




PS – The pics were taken while we were at Red Rocks – omg what a great place – only had what we were wearing though so not many styles you will see on this post!
Having some fun!



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