I have a guest blogger for this post, from my dear friend Dr. Jane Gartshore, who has opened her naturopathic clinic here on the Sunshine Coast and is very passionate about helping people with their health.

Whether it makes us happy, healthy, sick or overweight, the food we eat is an integral part of our existence. Our relationship with food is life long and like relationships with people, there are ways to optimize the experience. We can choose foods that enhance our well-being and vitality or ones that sap it.For many people, the foods they crave the most are the worst ones for their health. Therefore, we can sabotage our happiness through the choices we make, whether conscious or not.

In a society where fast-food restaurants abound and fad diets come and go, it is difficult to know what food we should we eat. A healthy diet is not one size fits all. When designing one’s ideal diet, consider factors such as chronic health conditions, genetic and cultural heritage, food allergies and intolerances, body composition, absorption issues, and even blood type. Remember: Not all food allergies are immediate, potentially fatal reactions. Often people have a milder, delayed reaction where the symptoms are more subtle and can appear hours after eating the offending food. This makes it more difficult to identify the culprit(s). A blood test for the IgG antibodies can help solve the mystery.

Naturopathic physicians are well trained in cllinical nutrition and can help you turn your relationship with your diet into a happy support one.

Dr. Jane Gartshore
Unbounded Naturopathic Medical Clinic

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