It’s been a bit. I had hosting issues, I couldn’t upload images and had to move hosting again (I don’t recommend HostGator at all) and in that we set up a new blog as I am adding on 🙂

When I first started my blog it was about food and of course that way I could also incorporate my photography. Fast forward about 9 yrs and the blog has changed a few times and has gotten totally away from food, superfoods and ‘healthy’ eating.

I decided to let all my recipe books go for free. I created them when I was into raw vegan and I no longer am. No matter what label you put on your way of eating, there are some great recipes in my books so download them for free here – only on my site in ebook format. There are also EFT books for free when I was coaching with this great technique.

Why am I doing that you may ask?

My whole thought form around food has changed and if I may share a bit of my perspective.

I’ve been a ‘healthy’ eater, or so I thought, most of my life. I was vegetarian for 23 years also including being raw / vegan for 7 of those years, and now am undoing alot of internal damage that was done since being that restrictive – yes I was doing it right as I trained as a Raw Food Chef (always what the vegan cult will say to someone when they leave). For most people, the vegan diet eventually is not healthy, it is great for cleansing and detoxing but not long term and now with all the processed vegan food – it’s still processed.

But the experts say………what does your body say? That IS the only expert one should be listening to as each of our bodies are different to what it needs. Listen in and let it guide you, remember, we are NOT our bodies.

What about how you eat? Do you eat while scrolling FB or SM? Do you eat in front of your computer or tv? That is not being present, one can’t taste the food, and will eat faster and go back for more as they weren’t present for the first go around.

Labels – it seems in our present day society everyone wants and needs a label – who cares?? In the big picture does it matter whether you are veggie, vegan or carnie? It causes more judgments and separation. Who is behind pushing for more vegan, could it be the same people that want you to eat bugs and buying up the farmlands??

Question everything.

Trust your body’s instincts and consume whole, unprocessed foods. Your body’s signals are reliable, except in the case of excessive processed food consumption, which can lead to addiction due to the abundance of addictive additives present in them. This applies to both vegan and non-vegan diets, as processed foods commonly contain numerous addictive substances. Some time ago, there were more than 10,000 food additives, but the current number might be different. The key is to prioritize real, natural foods for a healthier and more balanced diet.


Look around, the answer is there. Food is a huge distractor, a necessity but we have taken it far from it’s foundation.

Use the KISS method – keep it simple sweetie and you will be amazed!!

I know, I have had to learn the hard way!!

Enjoy the FREE books and please share if you feel like it!!



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