Fresh Foods


How many fresh foods are you adding in to your way of eating?

I had an Organic Papaya given to me the other day and it was so tasty, so delicious and so fast and convenient!!!

Fresh foods are loaded with Enzymes – something I will go into more later in a future post.

I challenge you today to eat some fresh foods and see if you can really taste them – savor them – that really is eating healthy.

Remember it’s not what we do sometimes – it’s what we do most of the time!

This really is the K.I.S.S. method!!  (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)

I’m on Day 4 of my  Transformational Cleanse – yesterday was a hump day – I felt it – today much better, when I am finished with the cleanse I will post more recipes

otherwise I would eat them!! lol

Here’s to your health

Have an awesome day!!


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