I Got Banned From Facebook

I Got Banned From Facebook

This is my rant


Yesterday I went into Facebook to update a page of mine that I hadn’t posted on in a little while and I was changing the name over and re-doing the little photo as well.


They wouldn’t let me make the change of the name of the page to the project I have started working on due to one word in it – Raw, Naked and Beautiful got rejected.

Can you guess which word??  (It has since been approved)

Raw, Naked and Beautiful Project

Then I uploaded this photo but since it is a small space part of the image was not shown – I then got my notice that I was banned for violating Facebook policies for 24 hours.



Are you kidding me?


I actually had to sit back and laugh and to be honest it only put more fuel on the fire of digging deeper into my project and getting it out there more.


This is the year – so many lies, corruptions, deceits, sex scandals and more are coming to light.


Be prepared – some of it is truly twisted.


When one has decided to wake up or take the red pill (there actually were some great clues in The Matrix!!) so much is so apparent that I have a hard time believing what still gets missed in every day living.


Yet I was asleep too for a long time.


I have become more vocal about some things……just ask my friends!! J Yet for many years I stayed quiet as I got laughed at, ridiculed, told I had no idea and called a wingnut.

Yet I just knew what I knew and then when I jumped in and stating I learning, studying more, unplugged, asked questions as so much didn’t make sense to me.

Things truly bother me like that our food or so called ‘food’ is full of toxic chemicals and to et healthy is a make work project, our water is poisoned, oh yeah so is the air.  Vaccine do more harm than good. The news is nothing but fake fear based propaganda and constant advertising going on to buy buy buy and messages of you are NOT good enough the way you are.


You’re probably by now wondering with does getting banned from Facebook have to do with all of this stuff??


Stay with me here as it does all tie together!!


As I have deepened my knowledge of many areas, healed my emotional wounds or at least many of them, dived in many alternative healing modalities, Quantum Physics (no this ain’t a hippy dippy post J) cleaned up my thinking and eating (from an Eating disorder to Raw Food Chef and found balance and pleasure around and with food and created a program for others), understand the banking Ponzi system that runs the world and well I could go on – this is all part of it.


Google, Youtube and Facebook are all part of the censoring of what can be seen or shared.  You see more and more people are waking up to all the lies we have been fed.  Yet porn is still the biggest industry on the internet.

Check out what previous Facebook people say now about social media here.


As one takes the red pill and goes down that path it becomes so evident and clear the lies we are being fed from TeLIEvision, media, advertising, internet and more – my energy is well spent planting seeds of truth, inspiration, love, awareness, non-judgment of self and each other – especially women.  And helping people wake up that truly want to wake up – they know or have a feeling that something just isn’t right!!!



Every time I share my Raw, Naked and Beautiful project (which I have to admit I have been more quiet than vocal……until now) I have women contact me saying if I am in their area they want to participate or how they’ve been affected or how much they’ve struggle with self love or body issues or emotional eating or more.


So, why does showing a semi nude photos that has been done artistically create such results as getting banned??


Could it be all the fucked of points of views around bodies, nudity, sex, porn, religion, human trafficking or………..


Did you know that Trump has declared January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month?


Ever wonder why?


Raw, Naked and Beautiful stands for Real, Authentic and Truth – great timing eh??


We were ALL born pure, innocent, full of love and light – somewhere along the line the story got distorted!


Where there is light there will be darkness – the world has become quite dark in many areas – we need to remember who we are and reignite the light – it can shine brighter in each one of us – some may shine brighter – they are here to light the way for the light seekers.


The more we can let go of things that keep us in fear, doubt, anger, poor health (therefore thinking and feeling), judgment, consumerism, anger etc the more light can come in.


Its truly time for us to step back into the light and love of who we truly are – Souls or Pure Consciousness having a human experience.


The Raw, Naked and Beautiful Project just had some fuel added to the fire.


I leave you with a couple of questions to maybe ponder or share your thoughts on –


What does nudity mean to you?


What is beauty to you?


What is being Authentic mean to you?


Do you or have you ever judged, hated, criticized your body?  If so are you ready to let that go now?


Lets shine the light stronger, lets raise the vibrations higher and lets come back to the truth of who we truly are.


Thank you Facebook – I appreciate the time away – I just got even clearer!!

It is NOT about sex or nudity but Self Acceptance and Self Love – the human body is our natural way of being – we’ve made it not so.!


Please if this resonated with you in any way leave a comment and share the post as it all starts with awareness.


Thank you for letting me rant!!


Peace, Love & Truth


PS – If you’re struggling with Emotional Eating or Self Love – my new 21 Days Food and You will help!!