choose this today as yesterday was my birthday and I had a fabulous day!!! I had to deal with a couple of things that I really wasn’t looking forward to, but they turned out well…….thank you!
I started my day with a beautiful walk on the beach with my dog Spirit.
I got to have tea with one of my BFF’s where we could really be open and honest and share……some good and not so good, but very important lessons.
I was feeling amazing and healthy all day.
I got to have a beautiful supper, that was prepared with love from some very special friends that remembered I eat raw even though they don’t, she prepared one of my favorite dishes!! My kids were with me and some good friends.
We ate.
We laughed.
I got to open presents and have Happy Birthday sung to me and eat Chocolate Cheesecake…….yes it was raw!!
Oh, and I didn’t have to do any of the dishes or cooking or cleaning…… good is that??
Sometimes it the small things that count, like beautiful sunsets, friends, good laughs and not having to do dishes that make the best memories.
Being present, being grateful and loving what is………is just doesn’t get any better than that!!!

With that being said, thank you to everyone for reading, sharing and leaving comments!!
For this giveaway, leave a comment on what you are grateful for in your life. Comments will be
accepted until Sunday morning 9 am.  Oh yeah and this time, since I’m still in such a great and grateful mood since my birthday, I want to give away a coaching session…….what a great way to kick start the new year!!

Have a beautiful weekend till then!!!  

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  1. I am grateful for emotional support. I have someone in my life that knows exactly what I need to hear and when I need to hear it. She is my best friend and she’s known me all my life. I am now going to call her and tell her exactly this.
    Thanks Jodi, for inspiring this phone call to my mom.

  2. I am grateful to having my sister back in my life after a stupidly long absence.
    Its nice to have her to bang ideas off of. Im glad you and your bff were able to share on your birthday!!
    With gratitude……..Ken

  3. I am grateful for the chance at improving my health to enjoy 50 more years of life with my children, grandchildren and caring friends.

    You inspire me to be better and I am grateful for your gift of knowledge in better health.

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