Happy Thanksgiving to ALL my American friends and all the rest as why not make every day full of things to be grateful for!!

I called this image Flow but really I should have called it Gratitude – Gratitude for all the beauty nature shares with us every day and in abundance!

I am learning BIG time, the less I complain, the more I feel gratitude for alot is where magic starts to happen!!

It is true and I am seeing and experiencing it.

It’s ALL based on vibration and frequency, so what do you have to be grateful for in your life – NO matter what IS going on outside of you??

I am showing my gratitude by joining in on Black Friday and discounting all my e-books 50% off  – well not the FREE ones 🙂

they are still Free!

Starts today and goes until Monday.

Maybe you didn’t know I have created a few books –  A Story of Our Souls, to Why We Do Yoga, to recipes books and Free EFT books – you can check them all out here!

Enjoy the day no matter what and lean more into being Grateful instead of complaining and see how things shift in your reality!



Why We Do Yoga by Jodi Burke

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