Wow, it’s September already, where did the summer go??
I was in the mall the other day with four teenage girls, so off they went their way to go shopping and I had a little work to do, so I headed to the food court. We were in Vancouver in a big mall and the food court was a good size too. I have to admit, one of my things I love to do, quirky I know but I love to people watch and I guess because where we live, it is so much quieter and really no malls to hang out in, it was rather interesting this day.
I was amazed at seeing what foods were available and what people were eating (ok I like checking out grocery carts too in groceries stores, I know kind of weird, there is no judgement just curiosity at what people eat!!).
One thing I find interesting is how the sizes have gotten bigger over the years. Remember when, ok I am going to date myself here, but a small drink was about a 6 oz size and a large was maybe 12 or 14 oz? Well, it seems a small starts there…….and I have to ask, who needs that much sugar and junk in one sitting?? And what is the size of a large?? 32 oz and that is not the biggest for some places. In the states it only gets worse…..FREE refills!!!
And the cookies, remember the ones mom used to bake ( or someone at home), and they would fit into the palm of your hand and now they are the size of frisbees!!! But I only ate one cookie, I don’t understand why I can’t lose weight or feel crappy we hear now a days!!
Ok, I am being a little cynical here, but it was interesting watching what people were eating, totally emotionless and so many people, and this part I found rather interesting, had no sparkle to their face or eyes, it was like they were going through the motions of just eating.
Now, maybe it was just the day I was there, or the time or whatever. It made me wonder how many people really associate what they eat with how they look and feel and live life. And what we label as ‘food’. It made me realize how out of touch so many of us are with our food and health being connected.
Maybe I’m just going crazy or don’t get into the big city enough, or ahead of the times, but what ever happened to real food. We seem to have lost it somewhere.
Love to hear your thoughts!!

Here’s to Your Health

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