Happy Body

Happy Body


I love this photo – it is of my kids when they were younger and I took them into the studio on my birthday one day and I got a bunch of great photos of them in a short time – you know kids!!

But saying that as you can see here they are being silly, themselves and totally in the moment and not at all worrying about things or putting themselves down.

Here is  a question for you – how often during the day do you think about or criticize your body or parts of your body?

Something like this – OOOOh I shouldn’t have eaten that!!

Oh that is going to go right to my hips!!

Oh my thighs are fat (or whatever else) and I hate you.

I have no boobs!

My hair is terrible!

God, I look old and tired today!

Oh I look fat!

I look fat in this outfit – oh I hate my body!

and so on and so on

How often do you say or think – thighs I love you, I love you no matter what size you are!!

Body – no matter what I just love you!

Today we are going to be friends, lovers actually!!

Seriously, how often is the first scene more common than the bottom one?

I know, I speak from experience – we can be brutal.

Here’s a thought I want to leave you with.

WE are NOT our bodies – yes it’s true.  Think of it this way – you live in a house (or apartment or tent or wherever) when you move you leave that house – you are not that house, as the same for your body – it’s your house while you are here but when you die, you really don’t die just your body does, so you are not your body, so why not make peace with it and get along as great friends or better yet lovers as would you talk to one of your friends or lovers the way you do sometimes to your body??

If not, then stop it!!!

Practice each day throughout the day just sending your body love and gratitude.  Remember Dr. Emoto – messages in water, well we are mostly water so what you send out in the way of thoughts and feelings to your body, your body picks up everything and if you are not liking your body it hears that.

Happy, loving feelings, thoughts and emotions are powerful transmitters, as everything is energy!!!

Ever go into a friends house and you can feel the tension, later she admits her and her husband had a big fight right before you came over, and I could go on with examples.

Match the vibration of what you would like – now you probably won’t change into a 5’10” model figure but honestly would you really want that?  Look around, bodies come in all sizes and shapes – there is NO ONE who is perfect, besides, perfect is boring!! Loving your body as it is healthy living – try it you might like it!! 🙂

Happy Body – Love it!!!

Happy Life – Love it!!!