Merry Christmas!!!

It has been awhile……lots of changes going on……all good.

As you may remember, I was promoting The Challenge, I thought it was a good bridge to people to get back on the track or start eating healthier.  I was seeing some people getting results and some not, some sticking with it and some not.  I did learn about how some people eat and don’t eat  and it got me to thinking and searching……was it another bandaid solution?

Personally I like shakes in the morning, what a great, easy, nutritious way to start the day……..not full of fillers, white flours and sugar or other crap. You can get creative with different fruits and even greens… I am all for them not matter what you use.

It really did lead me on a journey looking at beliefs…..which are powerful, whether they are good or bad for us……countries kill over them.  Which lead me to look at energy……..everything is energy…….thoughts are powerful…….what you think about you bring about…….especially for yourself.

That lead me to  start researching and studying Universal Laws and some Quantum Physics and even spirituality…….way off the topic of food or weight loss but it was all good!!!

In this time I was really reflecting on what I wanted this blog to share and be, plus I moved, which my stuff had been in storage for over 2 years, which wasn’t planned, so Christmas came early for me and I also took 12 boxes to Sally Anne……if I didn’t miss it or even like it any longer it was gone…….a real clearing out on many levels going on.

I have been putting this off for a couple of weeks to make sure I was really clear, plus a bout with the flu, 3 birthdays in one week in this house, Christmas coming, and finding out we’re gluten intolerant as well has lead me to trying different recipes.

Clarity is in and I hope you will stick with me as the blog is having changes done to it and in the New Year will more posts as I share my Journey with Food, recipes and more.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas, and that I am looking forward to sharing the New Year!!!

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