Healing Kind of Therapy


Raw, Naked and Beautiful


Little did I know how much of a Healing Kind of Therapy this project would become!!

Even though this has been on my mind to do for several years, fear of sorts has kept it away and excuses – that one day I would do it.  Yet I kept talking about it, I knew my struggles with an eating disorder for many years, with body image issues and feelings of not good enough I thought were just me, that almost everyone else was doing great – just me had issues – that I was somehow special (yet in a dysfunctional way lol).

As I started talking about this project and hearing women come forth, I realized it wasn’t just me.  When one day  about 2 months agoI was looking for a radio station and an interview caught my attention on eating disorders and I decided to listen in only to learn that 40% of 9 year old girls have been or were on a diet I knew I couldn’t just keep thinking about doing this or talking about one day – I just had to start it.

A dear friend created a Facebook event on Wreck Beach in Vancouver as women were interested in partaking in it for different reasons.

All I know is I am hearing how freeing it is, how a session has helped them in several ways, how they are becoming more aware of more self love and more……….that to be is music to my ears because I so can relate.

It is a kind of healing therapy, one I believe that is truly experiential and can’t be described through words.

So far everyone has said YES to being part of my book which I can’t wait to produce as women everywhere especially in North America will be able to use it, see themselves and hopefully heal parts of themselves as well from this messed up dieting, body image thing we have going on.  And that nudity is a sex thing…………..

I’ve also been getting messages from both females and males saying thank you, this is needed, beautiful work which to me is a sign of being in the right place and in the flow.

I can’t tell you how honoured I am to be with these beautiful women and able to capture a moment in time, true beauty and the essence of them – you can see it over the course of the photos – the first may be a little tight, uncomfortable or tense but not by the end.  Maybe it helps that I’ve been shooting them mostly in the nude too so we are on equal playing fields – it’s incredible when the clothes are off, the walls come down and the conversations become more real.

It’s not a sex thing.

It’s a real life, living, self love thing.

I am so proud to be part of this movement.



Please feel free to find out more about the Raw, Naked and Beautiful Project here or on Facebook AND  if you like this or know someone it could help – PLEASE SHARE.


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