!0 Day Transformation Cleanse

Welcome to the 10 Day Transformation 


This is the place to start – to get your health back to feeling and looking alive with energy!

This is WHY I share this Transformation, these products and this lifestyle – after years of abusing my body by starving it, not eating when I should, eating unhealthy choices, overeating  and consuming alcohol – it finally all caught up with me.  We are taught that these symptoms are normal with aging?

  Really? Or could it be what we eat, don’t eat, drink and think?

The first thing you need to know is this is your best natural way to jump start your body to reset your metabolism, increase your energy, reduce or eliminate any joint pain, and achieve better health!


Purium solution

You will not find this Whole-Food, non-GMO, Organic, Super Food, Detox Cleansing, Transformation equal anywhere on the planet!

All of us can benefit tremendously by taking a break from all the processed garbage-food and environmental toxins that are consumed, and put in your body High-Quality, Nutrient-Dense Super Foods.

More info on the 10 Day Transformation here.

If you’re already into Greens and Superfoods then you will Love Purium!! Info here

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Please don’t hesitant to contact me with any questions or to get started – make sure you are ready to get started jodi@jodiburke.com 

Read Puriums Mission here – then you will understand why I use and share these products!!