Why Puratae?

Why Puratae?


Puratae is a great way!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a stickler for real foods and clean eating.  A thing that has gotten harder and harder and should it really be that way?

No, but until things really change we all do need to help our bodies as best as possible.

I started my blog off as a food recipe blog as I trained as a Raw Fd Chef  and dove deep into healthy eating. My blog has since changed,  yet I still eat healthy and real foods.

You can get free recipes here.

I even created recipe books here.

I tried not adding anything else into my way of eating and ended up not feeling great, unfortunately we do need more as our soils don’t have the nutrients like they used to plus food is pick before it’s ripened then stored in warehouses then shipped – that takes a couple of months sometimes, so our food does not have all the nutrition like it could.  Maybe if you are growing your own, but very few people do that.

There are so many health products out there, it’s overwhelming and confusing.

I must be honest, I get rather irritated when I hear ‘health’ product only to read the ingredients and at least a 1/4 of them are chemicals.  Especially if someone is trying to sell me on it, some of the lame as excuses I get is astounding, yet there is money attached to it.

I have been using a great co, that is clean and pure – I try to do that as much as possible with what I put in and on my body – not perfect and no I am not anal – I also use intention and gratitude if I am at someone’s house for dinner as an example.

I have recently switched to a new co – Puratae.


Ease – only 1 product plus I don’t have to juice – saves time, money and mess, plus I don’t have my dehydrator currently and I don’t like to waste.

Taste – it’s very good, I’v drank a lot of swamp water in my days in the name of health and just can’t do it any more.

Price point – considering it’s one product, it’s priced well

It’s pure, clean, balanced and not much else if anything is needed.

Why am I sharing this?

As a creative, I can not do my best work if I am not feeling great, so I do my best to live well – adequate sleep, lots of water, real food, great people and doing things that bring me joy.  I also try to be in a state of gratitude and a higher vibration as much as possible.  Puratae helps greatly as it feeds the body at the core level and brings in balance.

I ike having balance in my life as it’s not always easy to have 🙂

So, I thought I would share why I am using Puratae – to me, its made my life easier – only 1 product, simple to make, tastes great and I am not spending $100 of in ‘supplements’ each month!

To find out more – click here.

I love feeling as good as I can – my goal this year IS to see how good I can feel – yes food / nutrition play a big role, but also doing what I love to do, spending my days and time doing things that align totally with my heart and being!

If you are interested or have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.


PS here is the link again – Puresuperfoods.club

Also, check back as I will be diving into a 30 Day experiment with Photos!!


Puratae makes it easy, tasty and healthy!!

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