Healthier Eating Basics

There is so much confusion about what is healthy eating and what is not.  So much of it does not make sense.  I always sit in disbelief when one visits maybe a dietician and the list of foods to eat are well, I wouldn’t call some of them food lets just say!!!  Here I am trying to show you ways of adding more raw foods but also just healthier versions of food and eating.  You and I are different, our bodies are different, where we live are different etc so with saying that it is up to you and your body as your body knows what it wants especially the more we clean it up.  While eating 100% or almost works well for me during part of the year it doesn’t all year and that may be for you to depending on where you live.  I don’t have any food allergies but you may.  I may love certain things and well you may not.  I eat way more veggies than I do fruit, but the opposite may be true for you.

Here are a couple of things to consider for keeping it simple and eating healthier altogether as these are true no matter what else you may be eating…..

1.  Eat a lot of Greens, your diet should contain many greens and mix it up don’t eat the same old ones day in and day out.  Variety is       good and what is in season is good too.

2.  Eat real food, that is easy to figure out what real food is…….Ask yourself did it come from or was grown in nature or is it man made       or made in a factory?  (or come in a box or package)

3.  Cut out the whites – that is white flour, white sugar and anything made with them.  Not only do they bring nothing and I mean                     nothing to the body, (which means no nutritional value at all) they rob from the body as well, say no to the white stuff.

4.  Variety and Balance in all that you eat, mix it up don’t keep eating the same foods every day or week, we are meant to eat more of           what is in season but changing it up, getting creative is good.

5.  Keep it Simple – by that I mean the more natural and organic you can eat the better.  If buying any packaged foods read the labels,          you should be able to read the ingredients without pulling out some sort of food dictionary to figure out how to say the word or              what it is.  Also, consider this, if it has a shelf life longer than a dog’s life………well it makes you wonder??

Do you have any guidelines you follow??

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