Healthy Eating  -Made Easy

Healthy Eating

I previous mentioned that I was not going to talk about food much but interesting enough I have been in conversations the last few days and it keeps coming up for me.  I realize that all my studying, training, trial and errors, eating disorders etc that I do in fact know a lot yet at the same time I know so little but I do know that most people are very confused!!!

When I was in my teens I counted calories like crazy and weighed myself oh probably 2 – 5 times a day – not healthy!!

I started counting carbs, proteins etc – not healthy and man what a time consumer!!

I even tried different diets (ha google that word and see how many come up – like seriously) – not healthy!!

I restricted myself many times – not healthy!!

Then I would over eat or binge – not healthy!!

If I ate something I thought I shouldn’t eat or wasn’t suppose to eat I would beat myself up – not healthy!!!

If I ate only a few things day in or day out – not healthy!!!

If I keep going to the fridge even though I was full and keep eating – not healthy!!

Going all day without eating then eating all night right before bed and late into the evening – hot healthy!!

If I ate in front of the tv or computer – not healthy!!!

If I ate only completely dead or processed foods – not healthy!!!!

Get the picture?? Can you relate to any of those?  This is not to beat yourself up over as here are a few things to keep it easy and healthy.

Eat as natural or fresh as often as possible – which in the summer months is easy depending on where you live.

Try to stay away from or eat as little as possible of processed, dead foods – or as I like to call them ‘ chemical concoctions called food’.

Keep it as close to nature as possible.

When buying canned or package foods – be able to read and know the ingredients – in other words if you can’t pronounce it or can’t even figure out what the heck it is stay away – keep the ingredient list simple.

Use Superfoods like Hemp, Chia, Goji’s Coconut Oil, etc

Eat when hungry.

Drink lots of water.

Try and stay away from breads, pasteurization, most dairy, homogenization (find out why and you won’t choose products with that done to them), synthetic vitamins, whites  -like sugar and flour just to give you an idea

Healthy EatingEven by eating as healthy as one can for their own body you still need to add in super foods and supplement – just make sure it’s real food type supplements and not symthetics

Eating Healthy doesn’t have to be hard, difficult, boring or frustrating.

If you are interested in more details leave a comment on what concerns you or questions and I will do more posts on foods, healthy eating, organic vs non or whatever you want!!

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