Healthy People – ‘Hasu’ Marney Coulter

(Photo by Mark Benson)

My Healthy People (person) this week is ‘Hasu’ Marney Coulter who I had the pleasure of meeting  many years ago when she first moved into Roberts Creek and set up the Yoga by the Sea yoga studio.  There is not much in the heart of the Creek but what is there brings an unique flare as Roberts Creek is pretty unique.

Roberts Creek attracts a certain kind of person – the ones that stay anyways! 🙂  Roberts Creek is known for the Gumboot Cafe (yes when I moved there many people wore gumboots!), beaches and amazing sunsets.

Marney’s yoga studio is a beautiful space.  It was great running into and catching up with Marney and the studio is going strong.  If ever you are on the Sunshine Coast, stop by and take a class at Yoga By the Sea – you will love it!



Q  –  What do you do and how did you get started?

I am the Director and Manager of a Yoga Studio.
I have been teaching Yoga as a lifestyle for 22 years.
I needed a place to continue to offer this service.
There was a space available right in downtown Roberts Creek



Q  –  What does health mean to you?

Being vital and present in day to day life, listening to my body.

When or what got you started down this path?
In 1994, I had a breaking open one night. Which showed me two paths…. A dark one, with suffering and struggle. a light one which was illuminated with vitality and serenity.
I choose the light one.

Q  –  What are some of your favourite health foods (or health products / things)?
Yoga, Meditation, being in nature, Whole foods, bone broth.


Q  –  If you could share some advice for people getting started on the health path what would it be?
Have a honest look at what patterns you have. Then pick one thing to add in, and one thing to remove.

(Photo by Mark Benson)


Q  –  What is part of your daily health routine that you just won’t miss?

Q  –  Anything else you would like to add?
Start now !


Peace comes from Within
‘Hasu’ Marney Coulter
Owner/ Director Yoga by the Sea
604 989 2382


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  1. Lovely! I wonder how many of us can relate to that moment of cracking open; I certainly can 🙂
    Bowing to you my dear friend

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