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Here is my second interview with a dear friend Shanti Sue from Gibsons, BC Canada.  I met Sue many years ago working at a vegetarian (before it was cool or trendy) restaurant in the little village of Roberts Cr where I moved from Banff.  Sue and I have come in and out of each others lives throughout the years and we do have health, green superfoods, yoga and personal growth in common – oh an the love for the outdoors and water!!

Sue is such a sweetie and if you are ever on the Sunshine Coast connect with her for one of her yoga classes!

Q  –  What does health mean to you?

Health to me is vitality! a balance of life. Feeling good in my body, eating right, balance in my emotions

Q  –  When or what got you started down this path?

I was born 2 months early & was a c-section baby so my immune system wasn’t fully developed.
I had severe allergies, ear infections, migraines and equilibrium problems as a kid. In summer it was so severe I couldn’t play outside for very long. Spend a lot of time in bed in a dark room.
It wasn’t fun.
My mom was a nurse so I grew up taking all kinds of prescription medications. Once I left home I couldn’t really afford them. I thought there must be a better way.
So I started experimenting with food, found a book on Healing with Foods. That is really when I started changing my lifestyle. That was about 1991-92. I became a vegan. I was so surprised after the first week how much better I felt that I was a vegan for about 10 yrs.


Q  –  What are some of your favourite health foods?

I love my green drinks and smoothies. I do my best to incorporate some raw food into my daily routine. One of my favourite is
raw granola bars I make myself, and bliss balls made with cashews and cacao.
I like to make my own foods so I can feel good about what I eat. Too much store bought stuff has chemicals etc.
I make my own kombucha which I LOVE!
I eat pretty simply  –  Quinoa or rice with steamed veg. and organic as much as possible.


Q  –  If you could share some advice for people getting started on the health path what would it be?

I am not sure what the good guidelines are right now, I do my best to eat 5 -10 different fruits & veggies a day. Try to eat a whole food, plant
based diet, organic as possible.  I look for the non gmo label now when I am not buying organic. Begin some sort of movement program. Look for someone to buddy up with as support is important and helps motivate you to stay on track. Bring awareness to what you eat, when. & why. Then notice how you feel hours after or the next day. We sometimes don’t notice when the foods we eat trigger emotions or depression even aches in our bodies.


We had to include sue’s dog Mica who is 17 and still going strong!!


Q  –  What is part of your daily health routine that you just won’t miss?

Every day I do some kind of stretching whether its yoga for an hour or taking a few minutes throughout the day to stretch my body to keep my joints open and moving. A few minutes of meditation even if it is only 5 minutes.
I definitely don’t miss my green drink & super amino protein tablets from Purium. They help nourish my body on such a deep level. I don’t have to worry about getting those 5-10 veggies a day. I feel good all day!

Q  –  Anything else you would like to add?

My health & well being are so important to me in this life. My body is the vehicle for my spirit in this world  –   My body temple. I realize the importance of a clean, green, whole food regiment along with exercise and relaxation for a healthy life. I want to live a long life full of energy and vitality. Caring for my body is top priority.


Sue forgot to add she plays some Frisbee and from what I saw is pretty good too!!


Feel free to connect with Sue here on FB.


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