As much as I believe in healthy eating and food, I also believe in healthy thoughts or attitudes.  Now, I will admit up front I don’t always have the healthiest of attitudes all of the t ime.  I am learning though, for me, that when I eat really healthy, get exercise, enough sleep and eliminate toxins to my system like caffeine, alcohol and negative thoughts, my attitude is high on life, and when I don’t do those simple little things, it sucks!!

I am also noticing (even though it has taken me awhile!!) that I can be brought down or sucked in to other people’s stuff.  By that I mean victim hood, addictions, negativity and so on.  I am a rather trusting person and like to believe people are good, but I do get sucked into their stories of why their lives suck and how people take advantage of them or how they have all these health problems so that is why they have to eat and drink the way they do, or they keep smoking or whatever else is going on.

I was with some people last night, and we were enjoying a nice evening out in the beautiful weather we are having, but as the night went on, a few people got out of control with things, not major but for my comfort of how I want to be.   What I realized for myself then was I was not surrounding myself with positive, upbeat healthy people.  Now, I don’t mean to place judgement here, I like all people. But when there is whining and complaining about how unfair life is and I need to drink because of it and use the ‘f’ word like it was an adjective, then I start to get bothered by it.  What I have though is a tendency to  get mad at myself and put myself down for trusting or falling for it and allowing myself to get sucked in.

That’s what I did and I woke up mad at myself, frustrated and also feeling down.  I am learning to be nicer to myself, instead of keeping this going, I asked myself how do I want to feel?  Well, a hell of alot better than now, that is for sure!!.  I am also learning that I am sensitive to others or empathetic and I have to  protect myself, which I don’t always do.  EFT – is the next best choice.  I can tap on what I am feeling when it’s in the negative and then like Tony Robbins always says, ‘Change your state’.  In other words, go for a walk or a run, or try something that will change how you are feeling…….like by asking myself ‘How do I want to feel?’…… then I start by feeling that feeling, which is usually happy, joy and empowered and I breath it in and expand it…… starts in my stomach and I keep focusing on it for a few minutes till it overrides the other crappy feelings.

It has taken me awhile to do and use this even though I have known all along………the way you feel is everything!!!!

We put words to describe how we are feeling……, hate, happy sad, confident, scared etc but really what is happening is a chemical reaction going on inside of the body…….that is why EFT works, it helps release the negative energy and changing your state works, it changes the chemicals inside.

I just wanted to share that with you as much as I fall back sometimes I am jumping back up much faster as I have these tools and the ability to think, create and attract good things.  I think we have these little tests just to help us stay on track!

As the Universe says………’Thoughts become things so choose the good ones!!!’ It is so  much easier when you know you have choice and control over your thoughts!

Love to hear your thoughts………..


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  1. Jodi, I can so relate to this post. I too believe that the attitude is very important. We all have choices, everyday and though we can’t control things and people around us, we can certainly control how we react/deal with situations and what part of individual experiences we take with us and learn from. I enjoy surrounding myself with people who share and inspire with me the same things I value in myself because it helps me to sort of “keep on track” in a way. I don’t care to judge either, but will easily make the choice to distance myself from those who promote negativity. I know of few of those people and some times come away from our gatherings together, with a headache or just an uneasy feeling. Who needs that? I choose to promote positivity and live with a forward attitude..

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