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Yes, it’s been awhile! Site got infected with malware (same time I got parasites – coincidence??) and we couldn’t find some, so had to start over and even change hosting. It took a bit, but it’s almost done – it needed an upgrade and apparently so did I!!

In that time I also upgraded my skills in Photoshop and Infinite Possibilities with Mike Dooley and creative ideas have been popping in my head so once again I am expanding my photography beyond mostly ICM – which I still love btw – yet incorporate more composites with a story – incorporating both my love of photography and infinite possibilities aka energy, frequencies and vibrations.

This image is my first, yes I’ve learned since that photo and continue each day!!

I will be sending out Soul Notes coming up with my composite creativity and inspiration with a different perspective, I hope you’ll hand around for it!!

Just want to say thanks for being part of my community here and I am looking to create a big tribe where we really have a deeper understanding and embodiment of possibilities so that we all are living a life aligned with our heart and dreams. It’s not as hard as one thinks, yet it does take repetition and will power with the want to make changes.

I look forward to sharing those combined together!

Create a fantastic day!!


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