A couple of weeks ago I took my kids down to visit and help celebrate my dad’s birthday in Florida.

It was perfect timing as we all could use a break, and in less than a week my son boards the plane to take off on travels to Europe for at least 3 months………mixed emotions on that one!!

I brought along some photos to work on but I could not get them uploaded – too big and I could not down load any program to make them smaller.  I then found out about Mercury Retrograde and decided to sit back and totally relax and do NO work what so ever.  I needed that!  The one cool thing about that was having a side biz that payed for it all and was still working even though I wasn’t!! 🙂

Here are a couple of pics from a couple of things we did besides hand out at the pool, beach and enjoy the sun and hot weather!!


 Went on this cool walk through a reserve where there were tons of different birds, Eagles, Turtles and Alligators.


Went on an Air Boat ride – first time I will admit and if you get the chance  – go for it – it was a blast!!  The day we booked it though it was a tad chilly then in the boat, well it was cool and yes that is in Florida in the Everglades!!

Florida-Far-GatorYes we were looking for Gators – this is with my zoom lens.

Florida-GatorGetting closer……..

Florida-Gator-closeNo Zoom here, he was close……about 30 feet long and apparently he won’t bother us……….I didn’t take the chance!!

Florida-DadSharing a moment with my dad on his 70th – he’s looking pretty good I think!!

Florida-PierTook in some coastal pier shopping.

florida-sunsetEnjoyed many beautiful Sunsets!!

Best of all shared many laughs and created wonderful memories!!

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  1. Hey Jodi – what lovely pictures of your wonderful vacation. You and your Dad look so happy and well. Are you in Vancouver still?

    1. Thanks Marilyn – we had a great time and yes still in Vancouver!
      Thanks for stopping by and hope you are well!!