Activate the Potential Within

Jodi Burke

What if life isn’t really what you have been taught and what IF you are way more than you have been programmed to believe?

my Photography

Here, each frame captures a moment of beauty, a glimpse into the extraordinary, and a celebration of the artistry of the lens. My gallery showcases the transformative power of images, where light dances, emotions are frozen in time, and stories unfold in silent whispers.

my Collection

Welcome to my collection of inspirational books, a sanctuary for those seeking enlightenment, motivation, and personal growth. Within these pages lie profound wisdom, uplifting stories, and transformative ideas that have the power to ignite the spark within you.

My unique approach to photography, coupled with my deep understanding of the human experience, allows me to create truly transformative works of art that inspire, uplift, goes beyond and gives a different perspective.     Jodi Burke

as an Author

I have published several books, including raw and vegan recipe books, EFT, “Why We Do Yoga”, and my most recent work, “A Story of Our Souls – Remembering Love”. In this captivating adult storybook, I combined my photography with powerful storytelling to explore the depths of the human soul and the transformative power of love.

A new, updated version of A Story of Our Souls is an adult story book with pictures that gives a different perspective on why we might be here, where we might have come from and who may be running the show.