How You Feel is Everything!!!

I must say right now, that after more than a week of grey, cold and rain, well…..the moods could be better around here.
Heck, last Monday the sun did come out for a couple fo hours and it felt amazing, but I can count on one hand how many sunny days we’ve had this month and I probably have some fingers left over!!!

I think of Ontario right now, after my sister called this morning saying they opened their pool and have been sitting around it the past few days, ‘it’s so hot’……yeah whatever. Then I think of Calgary…….and I feel better immediately, they just got dumped with snow, rain I will put up with!!!!

I got to thinking about what I used to do when my kids were little, like 2 and 3 years old. We were living in Banff at the time and when  we would have one of those cold snaps, you know, minus 30 and above for a few weeks…….what did I do to entertain the kids as you can’t go outside in that weather for very long!

I remembered that I used to get them in their bathing suits, kids love that, spread blankets over the living room floor that were white, to create  more of a sand like feeling, put around a few lamps and turn them on so they had to put their sunglasses on, get out  some  beach like toys and they would have a blast pretending their were at the beach.

So…….it got me thinking, why can’t I do that??? Why not move the lounge chair in the living room, get into my bathing suit (oh maybe not such a good idea after winter!!) turn on the sun lamps, a little fan, some background music of breeze,
waves splashing and maybe some birds.

Ahhhh, I feel better already thinking about it.

Hey, and I can get Ken to be my cerveza boy!!!

Now I think I’m really starting to feeling great!!!!

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