What truly are hunger pains??
I am not sure if too many Canadians or Americans could would know, I mean we might know what is it to feel hunger but
real hunger or hunger pains…….I doubt it, just look around.
I have started on a cleanse, detox, fast or whatever else we want to call it, but no food. I have done some in the past and have only been successful a few times lasting about 7 days.
I usually start out with good intentions but go off of it. Why am I sharing this with you? Well, I have been experiencing
real hunger pains, and living in a house with four people who aren’t fasting, well lets say it’s been interesting. But also very different this time, as I feel very different about doing it this time.
I have decided to sit with the hunger and just pay attention to what comes up, or be aware of usually how I would easily reach for food before even when I might not be hungry. I am realizing that I have eaten when I’m bored, stressed, anxious and because it’s time or because I really don’t want to feel some emotion, but not really listening to when I am really hungry. That is the best time to eat.
Always have a glass of water first, and then if you’re still hungry….EAT.
Think about it and just pay attention over the next couple of days and be aware of when and how often you reach for food and if it’s real hunger.
Food can be a BIG divergence!!

Love to hear your thoughts below

Heres to your Health!!

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