I have had a few people contact me lately asking how to do ICM Photography., so I thought I would do a quick intro.

ICM – Intentional Camera Movement is just that. It is moving the camera while taking a photo.

Yes, you get to break all the rules of traditional photography, for some that is great, others it may seem daunting.

It’s about play, curiosity, making alot of crappy photos and being ok with that!


I take as many photos as I want and probably end of deleting the majority, yet that one that captures me, that feeling of yes, this one has it is awesome and worth shooting more.

I usually start with a shutter speed of 1/8 of a sec, then work my f-stop around that, therefore I shoot more in the mornings or evenings. If I don’t have a choice but to shoot some time during the day, I will usually add a filter one – depending on the lighting depends on what filter I will use – ie 2 stop, 4 stop etc

Depending on the subject is also how I will move my camera. For instance, sunsets at the water is more of a horizontal move, if there is say an island or something in the background, I may slightly move my camera upward as I am moving my camera horizontally. With my images of flowers, which were mostly laid on a piece of canvas, I played in all different directions.


It’s up to you. I relax, enjoy the process, and stay in the question of what if………what if I moved like this? What if I tried this movement? and so on. I get curious, playful and know I will shoot alot possibly and delete 90% of the images, who cares. That one I did capture is worth it – to me anyways!

The Calm
The Beach

Move around the subject if you can to get different perspectives. Try different shutter speeds, trying moving the camera slow, even slower and faster. Just play, be curious and have fun.

If you are not into ICM, where in your life could you choose to be more playful, curious and have fun as the world needs more of that!

Birds of Paradise

Create a playful, fun day!!



Sorry, I cannot tell you what I shot each photo at as I don’t keep that info, I lean into the moment and what I am shooting.

Sometimes, for fun, you can add in something solid!

Love playing with my Imagination!

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