I took a step back this past week from diving any further into Photoshop as I was wondering if I now have to go up against AI as I’m seeing it everywhere, being promoted more and in PS.

Yup, I do!!


Now, since I am back learning some PS, I must admit, there are some cool AI functions that do make life in PS easier and I like that.

I friend recently sent me a collection of AI Photos of San Miguel, MX and Dogs, which was very well done, but…….

Here’s a lean into my perspective, and it’s only a perspective.

No human should have to compete against AI in art of any kind.

AI in the next few years will be taking over many jobs, which some people haven’t thought about yet, so it will put people out of jobs, it’s already started so it’s not a conspiracy.

Another perspective is when it comes to AI in art and probably a few other areas, is, if we give the power over to AI, we lose the human aspect of it, yes it does make a difference on many levels.

One of them being energetic for sure.

Our super power is our Imagination, not that it is talked about in our society, yet it’s true.

Imagination takes you place, actually anywhere you want to go, it also is a way to connect deeper with your creator, source, the field or whatever other label you may call it and that is where real art comes from.

AI, takes it further away.

The more we reply on computers and AI, the less we use our imagination, the more we lose our connection.

We already are living in a left brain dominant society, should we keep going?

With AI, there is no emotion, that’s what makes humans awesome, is their ability to imagine, create and to evoke emotions especially in art.

Just like the internet, AI has some great qualities yet also some not so great ones, just use it wisely or in balance!

Create a sun shining day!!



Oh, and I do want to keep learning PS as it expands my creativity but I won’t let AI take over 🙂

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