Is one of our super powers,

yet it’s never talked about really.

Everything starts with thought first.

Remember, as a child, you daydreamed,

and or played make believe.

I remember when my son was 3,4,5 years old,

he was either spiderman or batman.

I had to almost bribe him to get him

out of ‘costume’ so I could wash it.

In his mind, when he had on that costume,

that was who he was and he did not care

what anyone else thought.

Then, we have to grow up, be real,

stop daydreaming, what will people think,

we are told, you have to

create goals and business plans.

Yet, never is our imagination included.

It’s all linear, logical stuff.

Why not both?

Everything starts with thought first.

Imagination is a key to unlocking

deep potential within.

Create an amazing day – start with your thoughts for that!!



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