Hi, I know, I’ve been pretty quiet for awhile. I have gone through some deep internal shifts and ready to emerge, I mean after all it is spring right?? 🙂

Something in my life was not in the flow, and even though I have been down a healing path for awhile and trying to shake the deep stuckness I felt I have been in for far too long, nothing was shaking and I felt like I was going down a tad and getting frustrated. I know better and have alot of tools yet even my photography I wasn’t finding pulling me and well I felt like my creativity went on a holiday, a long one!

So inward I went, along with a bit of a internal physical cleanse and also a social media one and man did things shift. To my pleasant surprise the stuckness dissipated. Yay baby!!

Photography will always be a part of my life and even more so now, but what I love exploring and have come to innerstand at a much deeper level is how we are energetic beings living in an energetic reality and how to navigate it must easier – My book Beyond the Illusions explains that, yet I have gone much deeper and my internal shifts have been incredible – As within so without.

Coming out next week is my new FREE program based on my book and going deeper for anyone who may be interested, so stay tuned.

Yes, I am back and more aligned, embodied and full of life!

Hope you are creating an amazing day!!