I was never a big  juice fan before.  Not even juice you buy in some sort of container have I ever been a big fan of.

I have decided to start juicing more lately in my life and I am really enjoying it.  What a great way to get alot of

extra nutrients, vitamins, minerals but most importantly enzymes.

I have been mixing them up and creating some very good juices that I can feel the benefits right away from.

If you don’t have a juicer, don’t worry, you can blend it up in your blender and use a strainer into a bowl.

Then don’t throw out the pulp, use it to make crackers with or for your dog…..yes dog.  My dog loves it. I don’t give  him cabbage or onions but I mix in some ground flax, some ground organic meat and he is happy!!

Green Juices                                    handful of parsley                                    or                             1/4 cabbage

apple                                                                                                4 – 5 kale leaves

carrot                                                                                              bunch of lettuce

1/4 cabbage

handful of spinach

Drink up and enjoy, just a quicker way of getting more nutrition into your beautiful body.

Organic is the best choice if possible and don’t forget to wash the veggies!!

Drink up!


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  1. Heidi! I am so thrilled! I have not thought to use my blender, then strain!!!

    I will put this to good use this very weekend!!!

    Now, I look forward to more and more tried and true juice recipes!!

    Thank you, friend!

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