A Moment in Time

More photos of this area in Mexico while being on somewhat of a lock down.

Masks need to be worn – but do they really work is my question?

Wearing gloves – who does that make sense to, unless you are changing them constantly.

IF this was really about health, would they be mandating a lock down? Still selling highly processed or junk food? Pushing vaccines? Using fear tactics?

What is with all this different information – nothing is consistent not even from Dr’s or so called experts.

HIStory keeps repeating itself – interesting isn’t it?

Anyways, here are a few more photos of  A Moment in Time


Still making fresh juices every morning – have come to love this!


Passerby with mask – Mexico


One of the park benches from the square – used daily all day, not now.


One of the favourite coffee hang outs – no tables outside now, so very quiet


A girl walks through the empty square – wonder if the birds are being fed now as it was once a daily habit to feed them?


All the benches roped off for no use.


Caught a moment


Still making fresh juice each morning!


Coffee guy still doing his thing – some of the best coffee from the red truck!


Still singing his mo-town songs and still sounding good!


Bieta without a mask, who came and stood in front – guess she wanted her pic taken to!

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