A Moment in Time

It’s been awhile since I pulled my camera out, I know, no excuses!!

This weekend I realized that I need  or want to document this time in history – A Moment in Time, as a year from now, how much will be forgotten? How different will our lives be? Will the same go, go, go, or buy, buy, buy, be the so called norm still?  How many people will be left without a job? Their business? Or will things be much better?  Will people have taken this time to go within and find what their Soul is calling them to do, change, be?  Will humanity begin to wake up to the truth behind all of this?

Time will tell.

I’m betting on the latter.

Anyways, here are some of many more pics to come – A Moment in Time – this one is Coronavirus 2020.

Police now guard the parks that held many daily gatherings and walkers


Steps to the melacon which was busy early morning with walkers to wee hours enjoying the sunsets


The main street down to the water once busy now sits quiet


One of many businesses with signs saying they are closed.


Streets are very quiet no matter what time of day!



Walker masked up


Much locked up now


Mask signs everywhere


Tortilla worker


Bieta trying on her mask, not impressed


Thank goodness the taco stands are still cooking!!


Me sneaking in a taco – so yummy!!

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