Whispers from Your Soul

Whispers from Your Soul


Start Sensing Past Your 5 Senses That is Where the Magic Is!

Beautiful One

I’ve been trying hard to get your attention,  in the 3D – as in being a human – You don’t see things as they are, you see things are you are.

After coming down to planet earth with the human costume on, you walked through the veil of amnesia and began to take on all kinds of programming from the adults around you.

Most of those are based in energies of fear or lack and you forgot who you really are.

Yet I know you, I see you.

I see your beauty, your unique gifts and talents and your love.

I see and know what is beyond the 5 senses of being in the 3D.

You are so much more than what you are seeing and being.

It’s time to really see, feel and know that.  Its time to remember who you truly are and all your gifts.

It’s time to see from a different perspective.

That is where the magic and transformation happens.

And we like magic!!

Your Soul



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