I watched an interesting talk about the left and right brain and they affect ourselves and also society.

What jumped out the most at me was the left side sees things as separate, everything is a separate thing – Everything, it’s linear, logical, doesn’t question, follows science so things like that.

The right sees everything as one, is expansive as in is curious, asks what if, what about, type questions, creative and knows everything is interconnected.

It made me think of being in congruency between our head and heart, which most of us aren’t.

They talked about how our society has become very left brain dominate, no questioning, trust the science, little to no critical thinking skills, censorship – so only one story and no questioning it, lots of paperwork, goals, plans which for the last two, can be important but balanced with the right side is when one is balanced and whole, operating with both sides.

Logic and Imagination

Head and heart in coherence.

Do things that bring you joy and let go of the things that bring you down, bring in fear or anxiety. There may be something there you have to do that weighs you down, find out what it is so you can flip it!

The more and more we lean into feeling good, feeling joy, the more and more our reality reflects that back to us!!

For my ICM shot above, I balanced it with  creativity and a little realism!! 



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