………is what the image reminds me of and just as I write this, I become aware that this image is from a few years ago as well.

I pulled it out to do some tweaks as I am divi back into learning Photoshop for some more fun and creativity.

As I look at this image, I realize the dress is torn, what a metaphor for when we hold on to things or people in our past.

Hence, the title,  Let the Past Go

It wears us down.

Literally, as it all starts on the energy fields of us,

then moves into the physical body.

Nothing from the past can be changed, as it’s over,

so let it go.

Holding on only hurts the one holding on,

it wears one down resulting in illness or disease.

Yet, when one can be in the present and the past

holds no power,

then that is being in the moment of now


that moment in the now

creates one’s future.

Create from Love,

as anger and fear can’t live there.



Yes, I am working on new photos as well 🙂

One of my old ICM images – I see a butler type waiter, can you?

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