Let’s Get Real

Let’s Eat Real Food!


Real Food grows, dies, rots,

Real food doesn’t need an ingredient label,

Real Food doesn’t make claims

 – Michael Pollan

Eat Real Food to fuel your body – your beautiful body NOT to feed your emotions.

Not Feeling our Emotions keeps us locked up.


Real Emotions transcends language.

You don’t have to understand their words to feel their pain.

 – Julia Roberts

Emotions don’t tell the truth.

Just because you have a feeling about something doesn’t mean it’s true – we are all running so many programs and most of them don’t support or even like us!

Emotions are Energy in Motion – unless you lock it into your body – deep breathing is always a god way to move thru them.

Real People having Real Conversations


You know what is sexy? A real conversation!

 – unknown

We have more conversations in our head than in our real lives especially ones from the heart.

I like people I can have really deep conversations with  sometimes and yet still get silly with them too.


When we dive into the energy of things – IF Everything IS Energy and it is then lets get real – real with what we eat as our bodies do know the difference and can’t process fake foods hence dis-ease.  Lets not be afraid of feeling our emotions and working with some great modalities that help move the energy out faster – it’s ok to feel them – journal about it, stomp in the forest, talk real with a friend, punch a punching bag or your pillow, dance and move to move the energy and just be kind to you and anyone else. 🙂 And lets talk have real, more meaningful, deeper conversations – not about the weather or politics please!!

Come from the heart for yourself and others – we don’t know what people are going through – especially women today – IF Everything IS Energy – what kind of energy are you being with you? Lets start there first!!

Much Love & Gratitude



PS Here is a great article for women and also don’t forget to check out my 21 Day Food & You program!!

There is always Light even in the darkness!